This is so we no longer have stranger danger. All about me or mostly because we all need some mystery in our lives.


I am a young woman from the corner and border of Texas. I come from a traditional hispanic family that stick together when things come to worse. I took upon myself the moniker Sketch because I used to sketch into my notebooks during my classes. Still do honestly.

I like to do and learn many things. I don’t believe people should stick to one subject, we should push ourselves to know and understand all that we can. We are to push ourselves, no matter what is thrown our way.

For this reason I am a physicist with a specification in high-energy astrophysics with courses in advanced mathematics, forensics, astronomy, and aerospace and mechancial engineering. On the side, I read and study mythology, fantasy, and history. I know a little of everything. I even have a vast knowledge of films, television shows, cartoons, and anime. (Who doesn’t love anime?!)


I am a kid at heart. I like to live life on the fly because whenever I plan anything …


Seriously. It never does. I do better when I am spontaneous which is horrible considering it also means instability economically wise. Not a well thing to be including during these times.

But I have to be laid back. I have to keep working. I have to keep creating. Life waits for know one.


I create graphics, art, and webs. The non-profit I work I am a researcher, update the website, and create catalogs. I also help with graphics for others papers that is not in my specification. But I don’t mine because I love it.