Let's do this! Read me first for the low down. More to come! Because it has too. Though this isn't the biography. That will be on another one.

I have never been comfortable in showing who I am. Creating a daily or a least a weekly newsletter is brand new to me but how else am I to get myself out in the world. More with COVID. I am a brand new author per say due to writing and co-authoring scientific papers in the astronomy industry. Mostly with black hole binary systems, including one known as J1118+480. Currently, my work has been creating an online catalog for astronomer but I have taken it upon myself to create a .pdf catalog also to send out of observers all around who are studying or observing a specific type of object known as MCVs - or magnetic cataclysmic variables. In another newsletter, I will tell you what that is. Don’t want to go too nerdy on y’all.

For my basic daily or weekly newsletters, I will try to keep it fun and more on my fiction I have written cause an author has to start somewhere and get people somehow. For all my NEW stories, I will always have the FIRST chapter FREE. Just to give y’all a feeling of my writing style.

I honestly don’t know when a new chapter will be updated but I will at least for maximum time put out a chapter once every week when it comes to it. I get busy with other projects and the non-profit I work at. Said projects will be told and updated in case y’all interested. Why wouldn’t you be? It is me. (That probable fell flat.)


I have website for my art, writing, graphics, and web designing. You can … na! JUST check it out! I do commissions and custom pages for others inexpensively due to being mostly broke myself which won’t be for so long. It is @ www.sketch-art.net

If things work out and I finally manage to manage my schedule appropriately, I might even put up my webcomic which will come with warning. It is pretty … gory. Just incase I can’t though, it will be in my website.

If I still hadn’t convinced you to subscribe -

That is okay. I have a projects newsletter coming out really soon. Perhaps today or early tomorrow morning that will give you information on the stories I am working fervently on. I have so many in my head it is astonishing. I am hoping to write them all down to give my brain the free happy space it needs.

There is also going to be a biography because y’all can’t follow a stranger. There is such thing as stranger danger folks. Don’t let anyone else tell you it doesn’t exist.

It will be epic-ally awesome if you guys can share my works. I am also taking some time to start up a discord channel for people to talk. Warning though, there is no safe space. If there is threats in bullying, I will be yeeting people. There is some things I will no allow. Don’t be surprised when you end up meeting really weird individuals though that I have made friends with in the other discords I am in. They are pretty cool in their own way.

~ Sketch

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