Writer Hard Knock Life

Beginner writer - It really isn't that easy.

Anyone can become a writer.

Or I tell myself over and over again while banging my head on the wall so it sticks.

You see that is me making myself believe in myself. Isn’t it pretty? Inspiring? Ya. I know. Not really. But thanks to you guys, I can believe in myself once more. I can sing it out to the world and be less worried of my future.

Just kidding. I am still worried. I mean, I did a free conference on marketing my writing and art just to have more questions in the end and more work! But who doesn’t like to work. Including right now! I mean, who wants to think about COVID 24/7. I have older parents, I have to think about it all the time.

ALL THE TIME! Thanks to my parents watching the news all the time! Though thanks to them my deep darker self can once more rule the world of my mind and write out descriptions I had not been able to write since high school. Dark deep disturbing writing of death and massacre and if you want to read them, first chapter is free and the rest by paid subscription. Which you can do for just $5 a month by clicking the button below. (Hisses eerily) Do it.

HOW YOU CAN HELP ME? (Other than subscribing)

I would love y’all to subscribe. LOVE with the Texas twang in my voice which I don’t have cause I don’t live in central Texas. But I know not all of you can do it and awesomely, news and works doesn’t require pay. Just my stories and future comic.

There is another way you can help me. A simple way. Something that is worth a lot for me.

JUST SHARE. Share this newsletter to others.

And the reason why they should follow:

  1. I am a badass. I can do anything and nothing. (-.-) Wait, that didn’t come out right. No really. I can do anything and to do all this ‘anything’ I need a start off. That means getting followers.

  2. I have goals! GREAT GOALS! GOALS TO RULE THE WORLD! Like Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Not really. I want to honestly start my own business and buy my own land to do it. Heck! I even designed this awesome planetarium for people to have star nights, a section for inventors, four entrances with the top scifi shows with museum objects from said shows on display, and three big planetarium theaters with chairs that move a bit to give an effect of movement.

  3. I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANYTHING POLITICAL HERE! World is crazy and I don’t want to add to it. This site is for news of my works and stories and possibly reviews of … things. I will also be helping writers and comic artist on starting up and what I have learned. Everyone needs help and assistance and there is no harm to ask.

    *Which I keep reminding myself.*

  4. WILL SEND EMAILS OF ART SALES AND NEW PRINTS! I love drawing. AND I have only taken two art classes my whole life. 4th grade art where if I cleaned up, I was rewarded with candy. Then there was college art. I got a B-. I didn’t like to talk about my feelings. Who does? Why can’t people draw just because they like it?!

And that is it…. It was long. I apologize. I am sorry.

No I am not. Smiles evilly.


  • My horror in works: Kidnapper in Mind

    Summary: A young woman thinks her life is normal. That her nightmares will go away as her tormentor is executed for his multitude of crimes. But sometimes…not everything stays dead. Including with the technology in the world.

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I also have a website that you can also subscribe to sketch-art.

I also have a youtube channel where I do art videos and the process I take to make my works.

Thank you ~