“Death…” the voice continued, “…is calm and empty. Peaceful. No worries to think of. You have done well to give such peace to a tortured soul. It is an…
Beginner writer - It really isn't that easy.
Chapter Three (Her hand shot up and held a tight accurate grip on her husband’s neck. Not squeezing. Just holding.)
Chapter 2 ( - Her neck muscles straining from the silent scream. Her body trembling increasingly, waking up her husband as the bed shook. - )
This is so we no longer have stranger danger. All about me or mostly because we all need some mystery in our lives.
Chapter One (Free for read - No subscription needed)
Adult - Horror - Science Fiction (Warning for descriptive gore in future chapters)
Let's do this! Read me first for the low down. More to come! Because it has too. Though this isn't the biography. That will be on another one.